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Sales Commissions Tracking Software For HubSpot CRM Users

Jeetesh Harjani
Director of Sales
Published On:
January 1, 2024
May 1, 2024

By providing a centralized platform to track leads, opportunities, and closed deals, HubSpot CRM offers the necessary data and insights for accurately determining commission payouts But how does it fare when it comes to tracking these crucial sales commissions?

Can you track sales commissions on HubSpot?

While HubSpot CRM is incredible at handling customer relationships and tracking sales activities, it lacks the in-built capabilities to be able to handle sales commission tracking and commission calculation.

While you may not be able to directly track sales commissions in HubSpot, there's a work-around. The HubSpot Marketplace offers a variety of apps and integrations, including sales commission software. Businesses can easily integrate one of these tools with their HubSpot CRM to fill this gap, ensuring they have a comprehensive system that covers all their needs. This flexibility showcases HubSpot's adaptability and its commitment to providing holistic solutions for its users.

HubSpot crm commission tracking

The Need for Sales Commissions Tracking Software

A dedicated commission tracking system isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Without it, sales teams are often navigating in the dark, facing numerous challenges:

  • Data Synchronization Issues: Mismatched commission data with HubSpot CRM can lead to confusion and errors.

  • Reliance on Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets, though handy, come with their own set of limitations, especially for intricate commission structures.

  • Customization Needs: Every business is unique, and so are its commission plans. A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't cut it.

  • Sales Motivation: Clear, transparent commission structures are the backbone of a motivated sales team.

  • Alignment of Sales Teams: Unity is strength. Ensuring all team members are on the same page is crucial for success.

  • Time-Consuming Manual Processes: Time is money. Manual processes not only drain time but also increase the risk of errors.

  • Error-Prone Calculations: Mistakes in commission calculations can have far-reaching consequences, from financial discrepancies to demotivated sales reps.

Let's delve into three different scenarios from a HubSpot CRM user’s point of view, to understand the nuances of commission tracking.

Scenario 1: Using Spreadsheets for Tracking Sales Commissions

Meet James, a sales rep who relies on spreadsheets for tracking commissions. Every month, he spends hours manually entering data, cross-referencing deals, and calculating his commissions. Despite his best efforts, errors creep in, leading to disputes and a lack of transparency.


  • Flexibility: Spreadsheets can be customized to fit any commission structure
  • No Additional Cost: There is no need to invest in specialized software.


  • Time-consuming: Manual entry and calculations can take hours, if not days
  • Error-Prone: Human errors can lead to miscalculations, affecting payouts
  • Lack of Real-Time Updates: Sales reps don't have immediate access to their potential earnings
  • Data Synchronization Issues: Keeping spreadsheet data in line with CRM records is challenging

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Scenario 2: Using Sales Commission Tracking Software (Non-Integrated with CRM)

Sarah uses a standalone commission tracking software. While she benefits from automated calculations, she often finds herself entering data twice: once in HubSpot CRM and once in her commission software database. This redundancy sometimes leads to mismatches and inefficiencies.


  • Automated Calculations: Reduces the risk of errors
  • Dashboard & Analytics: Provides a visual overview of commissions and sales metrics
  • Customizable: Can be tailored to various commission structures


  • Data Duplication: Sales reps might need to enter data both in the CRM and the commission software.
  • Lack of Seamless Data Flow: Without integration, there's no automatic data exchange between the CRM and the commission software. This means, sales reps cannot track their commissions in real-time.
  • Potential for Data Mismatches: Discrepancies can arise between CRM records and commission data.

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Scenario 3: Using an Integrated Sales Commission Tracking Software

Mark uses an integrated commission tracking software with HubSpot CRM. His data is always in sync, and he enjoys real-time updates on his earnings. The seamless integration saves him time and ensures he's always looking at accurate, up-to-date commission data.


  • Seamless Data Synchronization: Data flows smoothly between the CRM and commission software.
  • Single Data Entry Point: Eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Real-Time Updates: Sales reps can instantly view their potential earnings and validate their payouts.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduces the risk of data mismatches and discrepancies.


  • Initial Setup Time: Integrating systems might require initial setup time and resources.
  • Potential Costs: Some integrated solutions might come with higher subscription fees.

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Benefits of Integrating Commissions Tracking with HubSpot CRM

Integration is the key to efficiency. By merging commission tracking with HubSpot CRM, businesses can unlock a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Single Source of Truth: No more juggling between multiple platforms. Everything you need, all in one place.

  • Automated Calculations: Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to precision.

  • Real-time Updates: In the fast-paced world of sales, staying updated is not an option; it's a necessity.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Knowledge is power. Detailed reports provide insights, guiding future strategies.

Key Features to Look for in a Sales Commissions Tracking Software

Choosing the right commission tracking software can be a game-changer. Here's what to look for to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Integration with HubSpot: Smooth data flow is the lifeline of efficient operations. With Visdum, integrating with HubSpot is effortless and easy.

  • Commission Plans: Flexibility ensures the software adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

hubspot sales commission

  • Dashboard & Analytics: A clear visual overview can make all the difference in decision-making.
record sales commission on HubSpot

  • Dispute Management: Because disagreements happen, and when they do, you need a system in place.

  • Amortization Reports: Understand how commission costs spread over time.

  • Clawbacks: Ensure fairness with a system that can reclaim commissions when necessary.

Implementation Tips

Successfully integrating sales commission tracking software with HubSpot CRM goes beyond just a simple connection. Here are some detailed and actionable steps:

  • Understand the Software's Core Features: Visdum, for instance, is tailor-made for SaaS businesses. It not only helps in designing and automating sales commission plans but also offers features like real-time commission accrual and payout visibility. Knowing these features will help in maximizing the software's potential.
sales incentive tracking software integration with HubSpot

  • Auto-Import Active Users & Design Compensation Plans: With Visdum's integration, user details are automatically synced from HubSpot. This means less manual work and more automation. Ensure you set up compensation plans based on user roles or use preset templates.
SaaS sales commission software for HubSpot

  • Fetch Deals & Pipeline Data Automatically: One of the standout features is the ability to auto-import deals and pipeline data from HubSpot into Visdum. This ensures that incentive earnings are calculated in real-time, providing both current and historical payout statements.
Sales incentive tracking solution for HubSpot users

  • Gamify the Sales Process: Use features like contests and SPIFFs to motivate the sales team. Real-time leaderboards and recognition programs can create a competitive yet collaborative environment.
HubSpot app store certified sales commission tracking

  • Ensure Data Consistency: When integrating, ensure that the fields in HubSpot CRM align perfectly with those in the tracking software. Visdum, for example, allows users to choose which HubSpot fields to use for commission calculations, tailored to their specific roles and preferences.
HubSpot affiliated sales commission tracking software

By following these actionable steps, businesses can ensure a smooth and efficient integration of sales commission tracking software with HubSpot CRM, leading to optimized sales processes and happier sales teams.

Sales Commissions Management with Visdum & HubSpot CRM Integration

Are you a HubSpot CRM user facing challenges with managing sales commissions? We understand the struggle. HubSpot CRM is excellent for managing customer relationships but lacks built-in tools for sales commission management. This is where Visdum steps in to fill that gap.

Sync Sales Data Effortlessly

Connect your HubSpot CRM with Visdum to keep your sales commission information automatically updated. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet work and enjoy a streamlined, real-time view of your sales data.

Customize to Fit Your Goals

With Visdum, you can tailor your sales strategies right within HubSpot. Set up sales contests, bonuses, and more to keep your team driven and focused.

Bring Your Sales Team Together

Visdum integrates with HubSpot CRM to help unite your team under common sales targets, making it easier to hit those goals.

Certified by HubSpot, Trusted by You

As a HubSpot-certified tool, Visdum guarantees a reliable and effective solution for managing your sales commissions. Trust in a tool that's designed to complement and enhance your HubSpot experien​ce.


How do you keep track of sales commissions on HubSpot?

There is no direct way to track sales commissions in HubSpot, but the HubSpot Sales Hub can be used to set up custom properties that record commission details. HubSpot's reporting features can then regularly reconcile commissions with sales data for accuracy and transparency. While this is a work-around, it is highly complex as it lacks flexibility and has room for errors. Integrating your HubSpot CRM with a commission tracking tool is the most efficient option to track sales commissions.

What's the top HubSpot certified sales commission software?

There are many popular HubSpot-certified commission software that are listed on the HubSpot Marketplace. Visdum, the SaaS Sales Commission Tracking Software is one of the highest rated, HubSpot certified solution, offering features for commission tracking, calculation, and reporting.

Ready to see the Difference? 

Schedule a demo today and discover why Visdum is the best HubSpot-certified sales commission software for your business.

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Your sales success starts here.

Sales commissions are more than just rewards; they're catalysts that drive sales teams to excel. As your business expands, a CRM system often becomes the centerpiece of your sales process, ensuring critical sales workflows. HubSpot Sales Hub, recognized as the best CRM software in G2’s Spring 2022 CRM Grid Report, is one of the most popular tools used by sales teams worldwide to manage customer relationships and sales processes. 

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