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Design & automate your sales comp plan tailored to your business needs, incentivising the metrics that matter.

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Let’s face it.
Sales Compensation is a nightmare.

Sales Compensation Platform For SaaS
Sales commission for Finance
Finance is tired of computations that are manual, error-prone, and full of hassle.
software for sales incentive calculations
RevOps is worried about a lack of understanding and trust in the process.
software for calculating sales commissions
Sales is frustrated that the commission payouts are opaque and full of surprises.

Well, there’s a way out

software for calculating sales compensation

Visdum makes Sales Compensation

Integrate & Sync

Connect and sync any data source seamlessly

With just a few clicks, integrate any data source, while maintaining data integrity. Auto-sync data with real-time sync or customize a schedule.
Your life made easier
Ditch downloading endless reports. Get all your data in one single place in real-time.
Save hundreds of hours as your data gets automatically synced to your ERP or CRM, ensuring data hygiene.
System notified reminders ensure that your commission structures stay up-to-date.
Design & Explain

Design compensation plans that increase revenue

With our no-code plan designer, craft a plan that best aligns with your SaaS business needs. Design, deploy, and get it e-signed within days instead of months.
Powerful incentives driven with ease and flexibility
Accelerators, bonuses, or spiffs - trust us to handle your most complicated commission plans.
Pay on booking, revenue, or collections
Quickly approve incentive programs with DocuSign’s in-built e-sign feature.
Compute & Communicate

Auto-compute with accuracy and transparency

With our calculation engine, run and see your commission calculations across any rep, plan, and pay period in real-time. Resolve queries and disputes as they arise.
Ensure timeliness, accuracy, and transparency
Easily make adjustments or overrides (before and after).
Automatically compute for deal owners, overlays, and
reporting hierarchy.
Verify and approve before putting your comp plans into action.
Pay, Report, & Comply

Pay, report, and comply with ease

Reduce time spent on sales commission reconciliation, payroll input, generating journal entries, and audit/compliance reports.
Unleash productivity. Eliminate tedious tasks.
Switch over to faster and accurate bookkeeping.
Run live forecasting to feed your financial model.
Build plans that are ASC 606 and IFR15 compliant.

Changing the way the world does
Sales Commissions

Payees Served
Commissions Processed
Quality of Support

Unleash your team's potential

Empower, unburden, and align your teams to unlock higher revenue goals.
Design,compute,coommunicate comp plans
How do I automate the computation process to make payouts timely, accurate, and transparent while avoiding the hassle of spreadsheets?
How can I easily deploy complex commission plans for AE, SDR, CSMs and bring clarity & understanding for the payees?
How do I get clarity on plans, visibility on payouts, and earning potential on pipeline?

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Visdum integrations with CRM, ERP
Visdum Integrations With CRM, ERP, Billing Systems
Visdum partnerships with Salesforce & HubSpot
Integration & Extensions
Visdum has native and secure out-of-the-box integrations with your CRM, HRIS, and Billing Systems. Drag & drop mapping capability makes connecting your downstream and upstream systems a walk in the park.
Enterprise Grade Data Protection
Trust Visdum to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements. We use best practice & industry standards to achieve compliance with industry-accepted general security & privacy frameworks, which in turn helps our customers meet their own compliance standards.
ISO Certified Sales CommissionsSOC 2 Type 2 Certified Sales CommissionsGDPR Certified Sales CommissionsCCPA Certified Sales Commissions

Integrations and Extensions

Visdum has native and secure out-of-the-box integrations with your CRM, HRIS, and Billing Systems. Drag & drop mapping capability makes connecting your downstream and upstream systems a walk in the park.

Get a Demo Customized to Your Sales Comp Plans

Want to ditch those spreadsheets? Get started for free with an accurate, transparent, and timely way to calculate sales commissions.
Talk to us
The product is elegant and clean, easy to navigate and transparent. The support from the Visdum team is commendable. They have customized the product based on our needs within a short period.
Jophin G
FP & Manager, Hubilo
One of the best tools for making Sales Operations work easier. It enables us to determine the real-time value of each opportunity. Very user-friendly and stable platform.
Kasim S.
Manager- Sales CRM WebEngage
We have frequent changes in our commission policies but the system is flexible enough to edit the policies and add any additional SPIFFs, Kickers on run time. It makes my job easy.
Prabhat S
Manager Finance, FarEye
Prior to using Visdum we used excel sheets to calculate incentives for the respective team. Visdum has helped us solve incentive tracking for the teams with transparency to each team member.
Ankit S
Manager, Sales Operations, Haptik