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HubSpot & Visdum Integration Setup Guide

Prashant Kumar
Co-Founder & CTO
Published On:
September 18, 2023

1. Connect your HubSpot CRM Account

Signup and login to Visdum. Go to “Settings” on the left navigation bar and select “Integration”. On the Integration menu, Select “HubSpot” and click on “Next” and connect your HubSpot account to Visdum.

2. Select your Account

Choose the HubSpot CRM account that you would like Visdum to connect to, from the displayed list as shown below.

3. Grant Access

Once you click on the HubSpot button in the previous screen you will be prompted to grant Visdum access to your CRM. After you click on ‘Grant Access’ you will be redirected back to the Visdum app.

4. Set up data streams

After a successful connection, click on "Create Data Streams" to select which data fields flow into Visdum. Once done, click on "Back to integrations".

Hubspot Visdum Integration Live

5. Create and Assign Incentive Plan to User

Click on “Create Plan” for creating a new plan type based on user’s role or assign an existing plan type from the templates.

6. Import deals from HubSpot

Once HubSpot CRM is seamlessly synced with Visdum, deals will be fetched automatically in the system and commissions will be calculated as per the Incentive plan assigned to the user.

Import deals data from HubSpot CRM to Visdum
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