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Top 5 Xactly Incent Alternatives in 2024

Manashi Dutta
Director of Marketing
Published On:
May 1, 2024

Managing sales compensation is a critical aspect of motivating and rewarding high-performing sales teams. However, not all incentive compensation management (ICM) software is created equal. 

Xactly Incent is a legacy software that has been a popular choice, but it has limitations around reporting, analytics, and professional services that open the door for viable alternatives that can exceed Xactly's capabilities.

When researching alternatives, there are a number of important factors to evaluate in order to select the best solution for your unique business needs. 

This article will explore the key elements to look for when choosing an Xactly Incent alternative as well as provide an overview of 5 leading options on the market.

How to Choose a Great Xactly Incent Alternative

When comparing Xactly Incent to other sales compensation software, you'll want to dive deep into the specifics around customization, accuracy, integration, analytics, and usability. Prioritizing these key factors will help you determine the right platform for your sales teams' needs and ensure optimal motivation and rewards.

Specifically, you'll want to examine elements like:

  • Customizable compensation components - Does the software allow you to configure unique compensation plans, quotas, territories, bonuses, and more features that are suitable for your business?
  • Calculation accuracy - Can the software precisely compute commissions and incentives in real-time to guarantee that reps are paid correctly?
  • Platform integrations - What is the level of integration with your other systems like CRM, HCM, ERP?
  • Reporting and analytics - How robust are the analytics and insights you can generate to optimize compensation strategies?
  • Ease of use - Is the interface intuitive and user-friendly for both administrators and end users?

Thoroughly evaluating these factors will lead you to the right alternative that offers the customization, accuracy, integration, analytics and usability your sales teams need to drive results and stay motivated.

Top 5 Xactly Incent Substitutes

With an understanding of the key factors in choosing an alternative, let's explore the top Xactly Incent alternatives and how they compare across criteria like customization, integration, analytics, and more.

1. Visdum

Xactly alternative #1 Visdum

Visdum is a robust sales compensation management platform designed for SaaS companies. It natively supports subscription business metrics and roles and integrates deeply with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, NetSuite, , DocuSign, and QuickBooks to automate compensation processes.

Key features and capabilities include:

1. Real-time commission tracking and earnings potential visibility.

2. Integration with state of the art CRM, ERP, eSign, and billing systems  to ensure accuracy & transparency across systems.

3. Automated documentation and contract generation.

4. Customizable compensation plan configuration.

5. Amortization reporting for ASC 606 compliance.

6. Automated sales compensation reporting to optimize efficiency.

By consolidating data sources, automating manual tasks, and providing transparent earnings tracking in real-time, Visdum aims to streamline compensation management for SaaS businesses.

Why Visdum is a Strong Alternative

  • Specialized for SaaS: With native support for subscription metrics and roles, Visdum is tailored to SaaS environments, simplifying unique compensation needs for all types of SaaS businesses - early stage, mid-market, and enterprise.
  • Seamless Integrations: Multiple platform integrations combine sales data, documents, and compensation seamlessly for accuracy and administrative ease.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface provides clear visibility into earnings for reps and comp plan design for Finance & RevOps. 
  • ASC 606 Compliant Reports: Visdum offers automated reports for amortization of sales commissions under ASC-606 which make it an ideal alternative to Xactly Incent. 

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Potential Drawbacks

  • Limited customization for end-users - Admins have configuration options, but end-user customization is more constrained affecting usability.
  • Unintuitive analytics - Analytics and reporting capabilities could be improved for flexibility and user-friendliness.


Xactly alternative #2 is an adaptable sales compensation management platform that aims to automate manual processes and minimize errors. It offers customizable solutions tailored to diverse business needs.

Key features include:

1. Real-time sales performance tracking

2. Automation of manual compensation tasks

3. Customizable compensation plan configuration

4. Data integration with CRM and other systems

5. Plan optimization based on real-time insights

6. Proactive error identification

By automating compensation management processes, provides transparency into performance, reduces repetitive manual work, and helps optimize incentives.

Why is a Strong Alternative

  • Adaptable Solutions - configures customizable plans aligned to evolving business needs and strategies.
  • Intuitive Platform - The user-friendly interface and clear compensation logic streamline usability.
  • Proactive Optimization - Real-time insights identify errors early and highlight areas for improvement.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Rigid initial setup - The data structure implementation can be time-consuming and rigid initially.
  • Clunky dashboard - Although the platform is intuitive interface in general, the dashboard visualizations have room for improvement.

3. Varicent

Xactly alternative #3 Varicent

Varicent is a sales compensation management platform focused on enabling customized compensation plans. It aims to provide flexible calculation options and an intuitive interface.

Key features include:

1. Custom compensation plan configuration

2. Flexible calculations for diverse scenarios

3. User-friendly web interface

4. Data integration and exporting capabilities

5. Reporting for tracking and analytics

By supporting tailored plans and calculations, Varicent seeks to meet diverse compensation needs.

Why Varicent is an Alternative

  • Customizable Plans - Varicent allows compensation strategies tailored to specific business requirements.
  • Flexible Calculations - It can handle a range of compensation scenarios.
  • Intuitive Interface - The user interface facilitates usage across roles.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Complex initial setup - Varicent requires technical aptitude for optimal configuration and ongoing use.
  • Performance issues - Users have reported calculation lags and system glitches, affecting performance.

4. Everstage

Xactly alternative #4 Everstage

Everstage is a sales compensation management platform focused on automated commission tracking and performance data visibility.

Key features include:

1. Automated commission tracking

2. Real-time performance data access

3. User-friendly interface

4. Incentive forecasting for planning

5. Progress tracking against goals

By automating tracking and providing transparent performance visibility, Everstage aims to simplify compensation management.

Why Everstage is an Alternative

  • Automated Tracking - Everstage automatically calculates and updates commissions for simplified management.
  • Performance Visibility - Real-time progress data helps reps stay motivated and plan finances.
  • Usability - The intuitive interface facilitates usage with minimal training required.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Platform bugs - Users have reported issues with lags, errors, and broken features.
  • Missing functionality - Users want more advanced and detailed capabilities.
  • UI/UX challenges - The interface could be more intuitive with streamlined workflows.

5. Spiff

Xactly alternative #5 SPIFF

Spiff provides real-time commission tracking and advanced analytics. Key capabilities include a user-friendly interface, customizable plans, and strong customer support.

Key Features include:

1. Real-time tracking gives reps clear visibility into earnings.

2. Analytics help identify optimization opportunities.

3. Customizable plans allow tailored configurations with specialized tools that offer greater flexibility.

By offering transparent earnings data and insights, Spiff aims to help teams plan and optimize compensation strategies.

Why Spiff is an Alternative

  • Real-time Tracking - Spiff enables transparent visibility into earnings data.
  • Analytics - It offers robust analytics for compensation insights, but has room for improvement.
  • Customer Support - Users highlight Spiff's responsive support services.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Multiple logins - The need for separate logins creates friction for users.
  • Tool access limits - Sales teams want wider access to Spiff's capabilities.
  • Integration challenges - Data syncing issues have been reported between systems.

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When evaluating alternatives to Xactly Incent, there are viable options on the market that can meet and even exceed Xactly's capabilities for sales compensation management.

Top contenders like Visdum,, Varicent, Everstage, and Spiff offer compelling features and benefits that businesses should consider based on their unique requirements.

While all platforms have their pros and cons, tailored software products like Visdum for SaaS and Varicent for enterprise businesses, stand out for their specialization and  strong integrations that automate compensation processes.

Ultimately, identifying the right alternative depends on your needs around customization, accuracy, integration, analytics, and usability.

If you'd like to do a deeper comparison of the top sales compensation software on the market, check out our detailed guide on the 10 Best Sales Compensation Software in 2024 to evaluate features, capabilities, and reviews across all the top platforms.

With the right solution in place, you can optimize incentives, drive sales productivity, and exceed your revenue goals.

Note: All the information about the sales compensation management software mentioned above has been sourced from software reviews on platforms such as G2, Gartner, Trust-Radius.
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