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Land & Expand Compensation Plan for SDRs | Mid-Market Business

Land & Expand Compensation Plan for SDRs | Mid-Market Business

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Your Sales Development Reps feed qualified leads to your star closers in the revenue engine. But what happens when the demand funnel dries up...or overflows with low-quality contacts?

Without optimization, inefficiencies cripple growth. 

This strategic compensation plan gives your SDRs the ingredients to accelerate opportunity velocity and pipeline growth. 

Who Should Use This SDR Compensation Template?  

Sales ops leaders, pipeline generals, and revenue chiefs looking to scale. Ideally you have 5+ outbound SDRs managing a full sales funnel for AEs.  

Your Objective: Incentivize behaviors that widen top-of-funnel and increase sales-qualified conversions.

Additional criteria include:

  1. When your expansion <= 20% of total revenue
  2. Multiple sales reps spread across different verticals
  3. Excel spreadsheets no longer serve your complex comp plans
  4. Multiple KPIs to track

Key SDR Metrics to Plug Into Our Template:  

Input these numbers for an automated custom compensation plan:   

  • Monthly qualified lead targets
  • Sales qualified opportunity benchmarks 
  • Average velocity through sales stages
  • Historical variable pay mix
  • Ramp time to full quota  

Outputs You’ll Receive Include:

  • Ideal base vs. variable pay mix
  • Qualified lead and opportunity quotas  
  • Multi-tiered commissions rates tied to conversions
  • New business bonuses and accelerators  
  • Upside for overachievement

Benefits You'll See Across Your SDR Organization:

Get more from your prospecting team using proven compensation best practices.  

  • Increased lead and opportunity volume   
  • Faster velocity through sales funnel
  • Enhanced skill development incentives
  • Greater visibility into prospecting efficacy  
  • More predictable new customer pipeline

Take the first step toward SDR compensation optimization by downloading now.

Sales Development Representative/Business Development Representative

‍Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are crucial frontline roles focused on identifying, qualifying, and nurturing leads to drive new customer acquisition as well as upselling and cross-selling to existing accounts.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prospecting: Sourcing new leads and identifying upsell opportunities
  • Outreach & Engagement: Initiating contact and developing relationships
  • Qualification: Evaluating fit, needs, and intent to purchase
  • Handoff: Transitioning qualified opps to closers
  • Data Management: Entering clean, timely data to CRM

Essential Skills & Abilities

  • Consultative Questioning
  • Active Listening & Objection Handling
  • Concise Value Communication
  • Collaborative Account Planning
  • Continuous Learning Agility

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Lead Generation: Quantity, source diversity, and fit to ideal customer profile specifications
  • Outreach Effectiveness: Volume of touchpoints and response/engagement rates
  • Qualification Rates: Percentage of leads that meet buyer readiness criteria
  • Pipeline Contribution: Volume and velocity of opps created and progressed
  • Conversion Metrics: Efficacy of transition through sales funnel stages
  • Data Hygiene: Accuracy, completeness and timeliness of CRM data entry
  • Expanded Revenue: Upsell deal size and volume closed
  • Retention Impact: Reduction in customer churn risk
  • Ongoing Customer Value: Educational interactions and satisfaction

SDRs and BDRs are instrumental in executing high-growth customer acquisition and expansion strategies. Their specialized skills and disciplined execution provide a solid foundation for scalable revenue growth. Clarifying performance expectations through KPIs ensures close cross-departmental alignment.

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Master ASC 606 compliance for SaaS

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We know it’s not easy to design comp plans that keep everyone happy. That’s why we partnered with the best SaaS companies to design a template with a 99% success rate. Join hundreds of high-growth SaaS companies that leverage this template to simplify sales commission and grow revenue.

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