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How GoComet automated sales commissions aligned with their Recurring Revenue business model

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GoComet’s new sales incentive policy dictated that earnings from a deal be calculated on booking but commissions be paid on subscription invoicing. Due to the complex nature of this commission structure aligned with the business’ recurring revenue model, GoComet moved away from Excel spreadsheets to Visdum’s sales compensation software which could better align their sales commission policies with their dynamic business needs.

About GoComet

HQ: Singapore
200+ employees
Business Category: Freight & Logistics SaaS
CRM: HubSpot

GoComet is an easy-to-use, AI-Powered Transportation Visibility Platform. The company is revolutionizing the $40 billion international logistics space by deploying the power of data science and progressive machine intelligence to simplify end-to-end logistics and ensure transparency in business.

The enterprise cloud-based SaaS product is used by large manufacturing conglomerates to automate various processes across the supply chain, such as procuring freight rates, tracking shipments, reconciling invoices, benchmarking freight, etc. Proudly serving 250+ customers across 35 countries, GoComet is helping shippers worldwide move cargo worth $26.56 billion.

GoComet has raised a total funding of $10.3M over 3 rounds.

GoComet Customer Champions

The Challenge: Spreadsheets were ineffective at handling SaaS sales commission structure

GoComet's challenge in managing sales commissions with Excel stemmed from the disconnect between when earnings are calculated (at billing) and when sales incentives are paid out (after invoicing and payment receipt). This complex workflow made it difficult to accurately track and reconcile billings, invoices, and commission payouts using manual spreadsheets.

  1. Inefficient sales commission calculation process: Relying on manual spreadsheets, the finance team had to painstakingly consolidate data from multiple sources, including billing systems, CRM records, and invoicing platforms. This laborious approach was not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors, leading to inaccurate commission payouts.
  2. Lack of visibility for sales reps: With commission calculations happening behind the scenes through manual processes, reps had minimal transparency into how their payouts were calculated. This made it difficult for them to track their performance, set realistic goals, and understand the direct impact of their efforts on their earnings. Adding to the complexity was GoComet's unique compensation model, where earnings were calculated on booking but commissions were paid on billing. This disconnect between bookings and payouts made it even more challenging for reps to gauge their remaining commission amounts accurately.
  3. Lack of performance visibility for leadership: GoComet's senior leadership team lacked comprehensive visibility into sales performance. This limited visibility made it difficult for the leadership to accurately assess the effectiveness of their sales incentive programs, identify top performers, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Without a centralized view of key metrics such as bookings, billings, invoices, and payouts, making data-driven decisions became challenging.
  4. Growing sales team and its evolving needs: As GoComet's sales team continued to expand, managing commission calculations and payouts manually using Excel spreadsheets became increasingly difficult. With a larger team came more complex compensation structures, diverse incentive rules, and a higher volume of transactions to process. The existing spreadsheet-based approach struggled to keep pace with the growing scale and evolving needs of the sales organization.

The Solution: Choosing a software that models complex SaaS sales commission scenarios

GoComet adopted Visdum because the platform could handle its complex SaaS sales commission structure, where earnings are calculated on billing but incentives are paid post-invoicing. Visdum’s intuitive dashboards also provided 100% visibility into earnings and sales performance for both reps and senior leadership respectively.

Why did GoComet choose Visdum over others for automating sales commissions?

GoComet evaluated multiple sales compensation systems but decided to move forward with a Proof of Concept (POC) with Visdum. GoComet was able to see its data and plans in action and validate the accuracy of payouts in Visdum. This gave them confidence because they could see the value and potential of the platform.

After looking at multiple vendors such as ElevateHQ, GoComet decided to move ahead with Visdum because of the latter’s ease of use, incredible customer support, and the ability to handle complex SaaS sales commission scenarios.

Results: Faster payout times & greater visibility across the board

GoComet has successfully automated its sales compensation process end-to-end for 25+ reps while improving cross-team collaboration, commission payout time, and bringing about greater clarity across the sales team and senior management.

  1. A perfect system for a perfectly unique business model: Visdum's platform has enabled GoComet to model its complex compensation structure where earnings are calculated on billing, but commissions are paid out after invoicing. It seamlessly integrates with GoComet's billing and invoicing systems, automatically calculating commissions based on real-time data.
  2. Improved sales commission payout time: With Visdum's automated commission calculation and payouts, GoComet has drastically reduced its sales commission payout cycle time. Visdum's seamless integration with its billing and invoicing systems allows GoComet to process commissions in just 1 day after invoices are raised. Visdum's real-time data consolidation and rules-based commission engine ensure fast, accurate payouts aligning with GoComet's unique compensation model.
  3. Enhanced cross-team collaboration: By eliminating manual commission calculations and payout processes, Visdum has reduced silos and dependencies between the Finance, Operations, and Sales teams. With a centralized system, these teams now have a single source of truth for commission data, and individual logins, enabling seamless information sharing and transparency. This streamlined collaboration has minimized tensions and disputes, allowing the teams to focus on their core responsibilities.
  4. Bird-eye level view of sales performance for senior management: Visdum's Leader Dashboards provide GoComet's CEO and senior executives with a bird's-eye view of sales performance across the organization. These interactive dashboards consolidate real-time data from various sources, presenting a holistic picture of key metrics such as sales bookings, billings, invoices, and payouts. With customizable visualizations and drill-down capabilities, the leadership team can analyze performance trends, identify top performers, and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  5. Greater sales motivation with increased visibility into earnings: Visdum's Pipeline Estimator is a powerful tool that enables GoComet's sales reps to visualize and track their potential earnings from deals in the pipeline. This feature provides a real-time estimate of the commissions they stand to earn as opportunities progress through different stages. With a clear view of their projected earnings, reps can prioritize their efforts and focus on the most lucrative deals This transparency and accuracy helps reps set tangible goals and monitor their progress, driving them to put in their best efforts, keeping everyone energized and motivated.
  6. Improved CRM Hygiene: With commissions directly linked to accurate CRM data entry, sales reps have a strong motivation to maintain clean and up-to-date records in the system.  Visdum's bi-directional sync with HubSpot CRM eliminates any manual work, ensuring data integrity. Learn more about our integration with HubSpot here.
  7. Allows for integration & reconciliation between multiple systems: With Visdum sitting right at the intersection of the CRM and various tools used for bookings, billings, and collections, the platform allowed for the setting of transformation & reconciliation rules to eliminate the need for manual validation.

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Visdum enables us to determine the real-time value of each opportunity, empowering our sales team. It’s user-friendly & stable platform automates our complex sales commission calculation process and gives our reps greater visibility into their quotas.
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