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How Breighton Land Streamlined & Automated a Complex Milestone-Based Commission Structure

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Breighton Land, a real estate development company, faced a monumental challenge in managing its complex, tranche-based sales commission structure. With commissions calculated based on the portions of a property's total sale value flowing in over time, manually tracking the tranches and applying the corresponding commission rates for each broker became an increasingly arduous and error-prone task. This complexity, coupled with their need for a self-served compensation process accessible to both internal and external brokers, prompted Breighton Land to seek out a robust sales compensation automation solution.  

About Breighton Land

HQ: San Juan, Philippines

200+ Employees

Business Category: Real Estate

CRM: HubSpot

Breighton Land is a renowned Philippine real estate company that specializes in developing mid-to-high-end residential communities in the southern regions of Manila. Their unwavering commitment is to create homes and neighborhoods that cater to the deeply rooted desires of their clientele – comfort, meticulous planning, visionary design, and enduring quality that will stand the test of time.

Founded by technopreneur, Isaac Sabas, Breighton Land is driven by a multidisciplinary team of seasoned designers, urban planners, construction experts, and marketing professionals. Together, they are pioneering the creation of living spaces that joyfully address the fundamental human needs of family, safety, pride, and legacy.

The Challenge: Managing a Complex Tranche-Based Commission Structure

Breighton Land's tranche-based commission structure, where broker commission rates vary across multiple slabs of the sale amount received from sellers, posed a significant operational challenge. With commissions calculated based on the portions of the total sale value flowing in, manually tracking the tranches and applying the corresponding commission rates for each broker became an extremely cumbersome and error-prone process with Excel spreadsheets.

  1. Intricate Commission Calculations for Real Estate Brokers: At the core of Breighton Land's complexity was their utilization of 49 distinct compensation plan variations for brokers. Commission rates were intricately tied to tranches or slabs of the total sale value as it was progressively received from customers. Different brokers could be assigned to different tranches based on multiple factors such as experience, performance, and regional dynamics. Meticulously monitoring and computing these commissions manually was an arduous and time-consuming undertaking.

  2. Distributing Commission Reports: Ensuring the transparent distribution of accurate commission statements to both internal sales reps and external partner brokers was a significant obstacle. Manually generating, tracking, and sharing these reports was not only cumbersome but also posed potential risks of errors and delays.
  1. Lack of Visibility into Top Performing Brokers: Without a centralized system to consolidate and analyze sales performance data, Breighton's leadership team lacked comprehensive visibility that would let them draw data-driven insights. This deficiency made it challenging to identify top performers, or the ones trailing behind, analyze critical performance trends, and optimize compensation plans accordingly.

  2. Rigid Payout Approval Workflow: Breighton Land's existing manual commission payout process lacked the flexibility to accommodate customized approval workflows. They sought a solution that would enable them to introduce additional stages, such as "on hold" or "approved to release," to exercise greater control and oversight over the payout process.

The Solution: A Self-Served Sales Commission Management Platform

Confronted with the mounting complexities of their tranche-based commission structure and the pressing need for a self-served compensation process, Breighton Land embarked on a meticulous evaluation of industry-leading solutions. After an exhaustive assessment, they made the strategic decision to implement Visdum's cutting-edge sales commission automation platform.

Visdum's innovative solution stood out for its ability to seamlessly handle Breighton Land's intricate commission requirements while providing a centralized, self-served experience for both internal staff and external broker partners.

Why did Breighton Land choose Visdum over others for automating sales commissions?

After evaluating multiple vendors, Breighton Land's decision to proceed with Visdum was solidified by a successful proof-of-concept (POC) implementation that was completed in less than a week.

Witnessing their intricate commission plans accurately modeled and computed within Visdum instilled confidence in the platform's capabilities to handle their unique requirements.

Results: Accelerated Payout Cycles and Unparalleled Visibility

By implementing Visdum's robust commission automation solution, Breighton Land optimized its intricate tranche-based commission structure for its team of 45+ sales representatives. This transformation has yielded significant efficiencies and process improvements, including an average time savings of 20 days per payout cycle and an impressive 50x faster commission calculation turnaround.

  • Seamless Automation of the Unique Tranche-Based Model: Visdum's flexible platform could accurately model and compute Breighton Land's tranche-based commissions with ease. For instance, if a seller paid 10% of the property's value upfront, the broker would earn commissions on that first tranche at a predefined rate. As subsequent tranches were paid, the broker's applicable commission rate would dynamically adjust based on the meticulously configured compensation plan.

  • 50x Faster Commission Calculations: By automating their complex commission calculations within Visdum, Breighton Land reduced their monthly payout cycle duration from weeks to just a couple of days. Calculations that previously took over 20 days to complete manually could now be processed 50 times faster.

  • Individual Self-Service Dashboards for Brokers: Both internal salespeople and external brokers can seamlessly log into Visdum using their existing Gmail credentials. This provides them with a self-service view into their commissioned deals, earnings, and payment details, fostering unprecedented transparency.

  • Centralized Commission Management: Breighton Land's administrators can effortlessly build, manage, and deploy compensation plans for all brokers, whether internal employees or external partners, within Visdum's centralized platform.

  • Customizable Payout Approval Workflows: Different stakeholders can be assigned specific roles within customized, multi-stage payout approval workflows configured directly in Visdum. This capability enables Breighton Land to implement robust process controls before finalizing commission payments.

  • Identifying Top Performers with Ease: Visdum's interactive leaderboard dashboards furnish Breighton Land's leadership with clear visibility into the highest-performing brokers across all their communities and developments. This visibility empowers data-driven decisions to optimize compensation strategies further.

Through Visdum's powerful commission automation capabilities, Breighton Land has successfully streamlined its complex tranche-based commission process, fostering efficiency, transparency, and accessibility for both internal teams and external partners. This digital transformation has catalyzed a surge in workforce motivation while arming leadership with invaluable insights to drive continuous improvement.

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Visdum enables us to determine the real-time value of each opportunity, empowering our sales team. It’s user-friendly & stable platform automates our complex sales commission calculation process and gives our reps greater visibility into their quotas.
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