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Top 10 Finance Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn in 2024

Manashi Dutta
Director of Marketing
Published On:
January 3, 2024
May 1, 2024

Over the past few decades, the financial world has seen its fair share of ups and downs - from economic booms to recessions, from technological disruptions to global crises. In this landscape, where market conditions can change in the blink of an eye, the need for guidance and insight is more critical than ever. 

This blog post is our attempt at curating a list of 10 top Finance experts who are shaping the financial sea, on LinkedIn. Whether you are a young Finance professional looking to learn from the best out there or an SMB company looking for financial planning or investment advice, our experts should be on your radar.

After weeks of research, we’ve finalized truly the best of the lot - 10 Finance Leaders you should definitely have your eye on. Before we dive in, we’d also like to state that this blog is by no means a ranking or tier list of any sorts. Instead, this is our attempt at recognizing the best in their game so that you, our reader, has the opportunity to learn from. 

Carlos R. Vega

best finance experts on linkedin

  • Current Role: Co-Founder & CEO | Tesorio
  • Years in Industry: 20 years
  • Top Skills: Cash Flow Forecasting & Performance, Investment Banking, Capital Raising

What Carlos talks about 📢

As the Founder and CFO of a cash flow performance platform, Tesorio, Carlos actively talks about managing working capital and tools that help companies be cash flow efficient on his LinkedIn profile. 

He loves giving away brilliant cheat sheets and breaking down complex cash flow management processes. Carlos also regularly shines the light on fellow Finance leaders and technology that he admires. Carlos is a frequent advocate of how CFOs & Financial controllers should adopt automation technology to eliminate manual, inefficient processes.

What we love about Carlos’ LinkedIn ❤️

Carlos’s posts on LinkedIn are complete with actionable insights for CFOs, businesses and common pitfalls they should avoid. What stood out the most for us are his elaborate cheat sheets and flowcharts, which help guide finance professionals in ensuring the financial health of their company. 

Carlos’ Top LinkedIn Posts 🔥

Effective cash flow management is not just about making more money. It’s meant to give you the ability to navigate economic uncertainties, seize opportunities, and maintain a strong financial foundation.
- Carlos R. Vega

Glenn Hopper

top finance experts on linkedin

  • Current Role: Director | CFO at Eventus Advisory Group, LLC
  • Years in Industry: Over 25 years
  • Top Skills: Corporate Finance, Leadership, Business Analytics

What Glenn talks about 📢

Glenn is a Chief Financial Officer with a passion for integrating artificial intelligence into the finance domain. He has spoken at various conferences about the role of AI in finance and has been actively involved in discussions and projects related to generative AI. Glenn's expertise is not just limited to finance; he has ventured into the realms of data science, machine learning, and has even fine-tuned models like GPT-3.5 for specific use cases. He is also a contributor to Forbes, where he shares insights on topics like software selection for businesses.

What we love about Glenn’s LinkedIn ❤️

Glenn Hopper's LinkedIn posts on AI and finance are clear and engaging. He expertly explains how artificial intelligence, like chatbots and specialized models, is transforming auditing, compliance, and financial analysis. Hopper's posts are a mix of informative updates on AI advancements, practical applications in finance, and forward-looking thoughts on how these technologies reshape professional roles. He makes complex topics accessible and highlights the importance of adapting to tech advancements in finance. This blend of education, inspiration, and industry foresight is why his posts are so valued.

Glenn’s Top LinkedIn Posts 🔥

What makes this era so exciting is the duality of innovation. On one hand, we are
exploring new frontiers in hardware, seeking alternatives to silicon, and pushing the boundaries of quantum computing. On the other hand, software innovation, through AI and ML, is opening doors to applications and efficiencies previously unimaginable.
- Glenn Hopper

Amanda Lott

top finance experts

  • Current Role: Head of Wealth Planning Strategy, at J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Years in Industry: Over 15 years
  • Top Skills: Financial Services, Financial Advisory, Retirement Planning

What Amanda talks about 📢

Amanda drives the firm’s training, content, and strategic approach to help clients articulate their most meaningful intentions and align their resources to these priorities. She emphasizes the importance of partnering closely with clients throughout their financial lives and revisiting plans as circumstances evolve.

What we love about Amanda’s LinkedIn ❤️

Amanda's LinkedIn presence is a treasure trove of insights for both financial professionals and clients. Her posts are not only informative but also strategic, offering a clear direction on navigating the complexities of wealth management. 

Amanda’s Top LinkedIn Posts  🔥

Over the next 10 to 15 years, investors will find themselves in a period of great transition, with broad changes in economies, technology, energy and more.
- Amanda Lott

Wayne Spivak

best finance experts

  • Current Role: President and Chief Financial Officer at SBA * Consulting LTD
  • Years in Industry: Over 33 years
  • Top Skills: Leadership, Strategy, Leadership Development

What Wayne talks about 📢

Wayne Spivak is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with a diverse background that spans across e-commerce, private equity, multinational corporations, non-profits, and more. He is a strategic thinker with strong business acumen and finance and accounting skills. His philosophy revolves around identifying core issues through executive team alignment, comprehensive GAP analysis, and then empowering clients to implement and manage change independently.

What we love about Wayne’s LinkedIn ❤️

Wayne's profile exudes a passion for growth and a commitment to teaching and empowering others. His approach to consulting is unique in that he focuses on teaching clients to solve their problems rather than becoming a permanent fixture in their companies. His experience in the high-end modeling business and his role in creating an industry-standard chart of accounts demonstrate his influence and innovation in finance within that niche.

But life is not static; it is as Viktor Frankenstein once remarked “It’s alive!” Things change, the economy, the weather, the political landscape, disasters, a marketing campaign that goes viral. All these elements make that best guess budget out of date.
- Wayne Spivak

Dan Fletcher

top finance professionals

  • Current Role: CFO at Planful
  • Years in Industry: Over 15 years
  • Top Skills: Financial Modeling, Private Equity, Financial Analysis

What Dan talks about 📢

Dan Fletcher is a C-suite executive with a robust background in high-growth SaaS, private equity, and venture capital-backed companies. As the CFO at Planful, he plays a pivotal role in empowering various departments to enhance their planning, closing, and reporting capabilities. Planful's recent acquisition of Plannuh, which aims to promote collaboration between CMOs and CFOs, highlights his expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

What we love about Dan’s LinkedIn ❤️

Dan's profile showcases a strong track record in guiding companies through significant transformations and growth phases. His experience with add-on M&A and his strategic role in financial leadership at MarkLogic before joining Planful reflect his capability to navigate complex financial landscapes and contribute to company evolution.

Arm your teams with the talent, tools, and tactical guidance to manage the business to that plan while retaining the agility to adjust as new information becomes available.
- Dan Fletcher

Ben Murray

best finance professionals

  • Current Role: Founder at The SaaS CFO and Co-Founder at Extend
  • Years in the Industry: Over 25 years
  • Education: MBA in Finance and Accounting from The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business; B.S. in International Business from University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Notable Achievement: Founder of The SaaS Academy and creator of the ROSE Metric for organizational efficiency

What Ben talks about 📢

Ben Murray is a SaaS finance expert who frequently delves into essential metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), sales cycle length, and the intricacies of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). He emphasizes the importance of understanding these metrics for business growth and efficiency. Ben also collaborates with other industry experts to provide a holistic view of SaaS finance and frequently conducts webinars and surveys to engage with the SaaS community.

What we love about Ben’s LinkedIn ❤️

Ben's posts are a treasure trove of insights for anyone in the SaaS industry. Whether you're a founder, investor, or finance professional, his actionable tips, deep dives into metrics, and collaborations with other experts make his content invaluable. He not only shares knowledge but also provides tools and resources, like his ROSE Metric, to help businesses measure and improve their efficiency.

Ben’s Top LinkedIn Posts🔥

Translating the operational story into consumable numbers is the key to driving corporate performance and understanding the economics of SaaS businesses.
- Ben Murray

David Appel

top finance experts i should follow

  • Current Role: Global Head, Subscription and SaaS Vertical, Sage Intacct
  • Years in the Industry: Over 20 years
  • Top Skills: SaaS, Cloud Computing, Sales Management

What David talks about 📢

David Appel is a seasoned leader in SaaS and software. He frequently discusses the intricacies of SaaS metrics, the importance of strategic finance, and the challenges and opportunities of leading high-growth teams. David emphasizes the value of understanding market dynamics, building effective sales and RevOps plans, and the significance of being a public face for a company. His leadership at Sage Intacct and previous roles at companies like and NetSuite showcase his expertise in driving growth and strategic direction.

What we love about David’s LinkedIn ❤️

David Appel stands out on LinkedIn for his deep dives into the realm of SaaS finance. He shares transformative strategies and success stories, like CB Insights' impressive operational improvements and CoderPad's shift towards strategic finance. His posts are rich with real-world examples, showcasing the tangible benefits of financial optimization and strategic planning.

His podcast, 'How Finance prepares to go IPO,' is a goldmine of succinct, actionable advice. David emphasizes the critical CFO/CRO partnership and champions the role of automation in finance, aligning with industry trends towards strategic over tactical finance. 

David’s Top LinkedIn Posts🔥

The best salespeople don't sell; rather, they help people buy.
- David Appel

Chris Ortega

top finance experts on linkedin i should follow

  • Current Role: CEO | Fresh FP&A 
  • Years in Industry: Over 17 years 
  • Top Skills: Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Finance Leadership

What Chris talks about 📢

Chris Ortega, leading Fresh FP&A, frequently discusses the transformation and scaling of finance organizations. He emphasizes the importance of strategic finance leadership and the integration of technology in financial planning and analysis. Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge on financial transformation strategies, professional development, and the role of a Fractional CFO in driving business growth.

What we love about Chris’ LinkedIn ❤️

Chris' commitment to empowering finance professionals through thought leadership is evident in his LinkedIn profile. He offers a wealth of knowledge on strategic planning, financial leadership, and the benefits of adopting innovative financial technologies. He tackles contemporary issues with a progressive lens, advocating for AI adoption in finance processes and championing diversity in executive roles.

Chris’ Top LinkedIn Posts🔥

In the dynamic world of startups, building a high-performing finance team is crucial for sustainable growth and success.
- Chris Ortega

Steven Wasserman

top finance leaders to follow

  • Current Role: Consulting CFO and Senior Lecturer in Finance Department at Bentley University
  • Years in Industry: Extensive (Exact number not provided)
  • Top Skills: Start-ups, Finance, Financial Analysis

What Steven talks about 📢

Steven knows a lot about how both public and private companies work because he has worked in many different fields, such as enterprise software, SaaS, transaction processing, financial services, and manufacturing. He is an expert in corporate finance and financial strategy because he has raised money, run financial operations, and been involved in IPOs, PIPEs, and venture equity. Steven is also well-versed in compliance, governance, and SEC reporting, making him a valuable resource for companies navigating complex financial landscapes.

What we love about Steven’s LinkedIn ❤️

Steven's professional journey showcases his versatility and adaptability across different financial roles and industries. His longtime employment at Bentley University demonstrates his dedication to fostering the next generation of finance professionals. His ability to manage a broad range of financial functions, from treasury and tax to investor relations and human resources, speaks to his comprehensive skill set and leadership capabilities.

Steven’s Top LinkedIn Posts🔥

Contacting potential customers and asking about a company’s value proposition and its product or service strengths, will help a CFO gain an understanding of the company’s business.
- Steven Wasserman

Dani Fava

10 top finance experts

  • Current Role: Group Head, Product Innovation at Envestnet / LCW Advisory Board Member
  • Years in Industry: Over 20 years
  • Top Skills: Financial Services, Investing, Product Development, Managed Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts

What Dani talks about 📢

Dani Fava is a recognized leader in the fintech space, focusing on the future of financial services through innovation and technology. She is well-known for her expertise in disruptive technologies like blockchain, conversational AI, and cryptocurrency and has received recognition from several industry publications for her contributions to the field.

What we love about Dani’s LinkedIn ❤️

Dani Fava is a forward-thinking fintech influencer who focuses on the integration of technology in wealth management, emphasizing innovation in banking, the transformative role of AI, and the importance of engaging younger generations. She advocates for democratizing wealth management through tech solutions and personalization, and she actively contributes to discussions about the future of the industry. Her posts convey a strong belief in the power of emerging technologies to reshape financial services and a commitment to educating others about these changes.

Dani’s Top LinkedIn Posts🔥

If our ability to fulfill our promise to clients includes the ability to sustain a healthy economy, it could be argued that it is also our ethical responsibility to provide financial education to the next generation.
- Dani Fava

Summing it all up

Navigating the complex world of finance in 2024 requires more than just expertise; it demands inspiration and guidance from those who have mastered the field. The finance leaders we've highlighted offer just that. Whether it's Carlos's deep dive into cash flow management, Glenn's pioneering work with AI in finance, or Amanda's approach to wealth planning, each finance expert provides a unique and invaluable perspective.

Following these top finance professionals is about engaging with a community that values growth, innovation, and professional advancement. As we forge ahead into 2024 and the years that follow, keeping an eye on these leaders will be helpful. 

Let their experiences and knowledge inspire and inform your own path in finance, potentially shaping you into a future finance expert in this exciting and ever-changing field.

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